5 April 2011

Weekend Wogan Returns!

Look to starboard me hearties! The good ship "Weekend Wogan" is
on the horizon, carrying all manner of exotic good things for your
delight. She docks on Sunday next at 11am, moored as ever at BBC Radio
2. The Togmeister will be on the poop deck, so step lively, lubbers, or
get tipped the Black Spot... Har!!!
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dee roberts says:

can we get tickets this time?

Brian C says:

I was looking for tickets as well Dee, and just found this on the BBC website, which is bad news! :

BBC Help
How can I obtain tickets for Terry Wogan’s Sunday show on BBC Radio 2?

Weekend Wogan returns for another series on BBC Radio 2 on Sunday 10 April 2011 at 11.00.

However, this series will not have an audience and therefore no tickets will be available.

Tony Knight says:

No mention of Janet & John.. and Boggy. No audience.. no problem… No Janet & John… no programme!!!!

We need brightening up on Sunday with our weekly dose of J&J. PLEASE !

Hellen Bach says:

Looking forward to hearing you again on Sunday Sir Terry. Hopefully there will be lots of TOG emails and letters. I remember when Willy Gofar went round the world in a balloon, but tied his balloon up every night to go home, Crookey’s wonderful poems, punch lines, “don’t push me past me mothers” and “how much” . Some good old fashioned nostalgia, but some new stuff too I hope. Looking forward to hearing your chuckle. :-)

Kevin says:

Is the NEW format a result of massive budget cuts, no ellio, no boggy, no audience….such a shame

Nicola says:

So very pleased to have you back! Life is not the same in the mornings without you – even though it’s been well over a year. Lovely to hear ‘Deadly’ and you together again – hope all is well with Boggy??

Sheila says:

Great to hear you again Sir Tel. and the interaction between you and ‘Deadly’ but we also are concerned at the whereabouts of Boggy who vanished half way through the last series. Hope he is okay.

Chuffer Dandridge says:

What Ho Tel,

It was great to hear you and Deadly bantering again, like a Jedward for the older generation! Keep it up and Cheery Pip.

david jardine says:

enjoy weekend wogan,
enjoy children in need, did you ever think back to show number one, to oday that it was going to be a huge success?

My late mother, passed away 8 years ago, visited her grave for mother’s day, was always listening to you terry on the breakfast show, blankety blank, wogan chat show. now i still do.

I do have a giggle, before the news with you and alan dedicoat .

I may be watching children in need again this year, depending how my project called say here city newsletter. for people to advertise, sent by email articles, community events etc. gets on.
I do have a epilepsy and have a disability.

enjoy the rest of weekend with Mrs wogan.
thank you for reading my comment.

David Jardine,

Dawn Whitelaw says:

Don’t know why there’s no audience but personally I much prefer it! It’s back to the Wogan format I grew up with and love and miss. Hopefully much more of the same is to come for a long while and keep the run over into Bank Holiday Mondays too! All the best Dawn.

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