22 March 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to turn on your radio again, and avoid all Terry's Old Geezers and Gals, we're all back with a bang for 2011, with "Weekend Wogan" starting a new 18 week run on Radio 2, on Sunday, April 10th. This time, we're back in the studio, with live music, starry guests, and the usual unstructured, haphazard, devil-take-the-hindmost two hours of flight and fancy. Miss it at your peril...
Terry Wogan.
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Amit Dekel says:

Dear Mr.Wogan,
My name is Amit Dekel, a journalist from channel 10 on israeli Tv.
I’m writing you since i’m making an article about the eurovision song contest for the upcoming contest. since you’re kind of a legend in israel i wanted to interview you by phone for this article.
is it possible?
thank you very much
Amit Dekel

B. Keeper says:

Dear Sir Terry,
In the studio? Does that mean no audience?
Oh woe.
No more excuses to miss the Sunday market.

Basildon Basilisk says:

‘Mr Wogan’ Amit? Sir Terry won’t like that.

I caught my wife in bed with Albert Einstein this morning. He popped his head up and said ‘Don’t worry- I can explain everything.’

Aussie Dan says:

To Sir Terry
Have been missing you since the start of the new year and like everyone else is there a chance that you will be doing any shows with an audience this year? eg christmas etc.
Take care
Aussie Dan

Supermodel says:

Normal service resumes ! Can’t wait to hear you back on the radio & looking foward to hearing from all the regulars !

Harrypoke Sneeker says:

Will you be reading any tales of Janet and John stories Sir Terry, and will there be a new cd out for Children In Need this November. Please say Mick will be penning some more near the knuckle stories for us all to laugh our heads off to.

Welcome back Sir Terry.

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